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Word of the founder

Laamrani Law Firm is the result of a dream and a passion. The dream of serving others through knowledge and know-how acquired throughout a lifetime, throughout long and laborious years of learning both academic and professional legal skills, in different sectors and diverse socio-professional environments. The passion that has always inhabited me relentlessly, the passion to defend.

However, like any great timeless edifice, it requires a lot of commitment and enormous dedication; it has required tireless efforts and innumerable sacrifices to take shape…

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Abdelatif Laamrani

professionnal career

  • from 1998 to 2012

    Legal experience

    Abdelatif Laamrani has acquired an extensive and various expertise, first in North America in the international insurance and reinsurance Brokerage ans in the merchant banking, then in Morocco in real estate, retail and malls management, logistics and transportation.
  • 2014

    Public-private partnerships

    Abdelatif Laamrani has published multiple articles related to PPP, Public infrastructures financing, reinsurance treaties, and banking law.
  • 2018-2019

    Opening of Paris & Montreal offices

    Abdelatif Laamrani is appointed as international expert before multiple NGOs and international finance organizations and as special advisor to several governments