Public affairs & lobbying

Droit des Entreprises - Lobbying - LAAMRANI Law Firm

Laamrani Law Firm has become a key player in lobbying.

“Lobbying” or “representation of interests” refers to an activity which consists in taking the initiative to enter into contact with people responsible for drawing up and voting on public decisions or conducting national or local public action in order to influence their decisions.

Laamrani Law Firm provides a legal and supervised framework for the activity of interest representation.

Respecting an adapted deontology to its challenges, Laamrani Law Firm has a unique experience in lobbying.

The Firm intervenes with public authorities (governments / deputies) in order to defend and protect its clients’s interests.

Our mission
  • Understand and decipher the challenges of your business.
  • Enhance and accelerate your ambitions.
  • Represent your entity to public authorities.
  • Achieve your goals according to a defined strategy.

Thereby, the lawyers of the department dedicated to lobbying activities offer a legal and framed perspective for the representation of interests.

Our support
  • Animation of professional groups – companies or group of companies in the same sector
    • Representation to public authorities.
    • Media relations, adherents.
    • Institutional visibility.
    • Animation of general assemblies, boards of directors/commissions
    • Personalized legal support for adherents.
    • Promote your business.
  • Institutional relations
    • Implementation of an ethical influence strategy.
    • Legal, parliament and government monitoring.
    • Connecting with key players in the decision-making process.
  • Fundraising
    • Identification of financial levers.
    • Legal and tax support.
    • Support in setting up financing.

We represent your interests with the public authorities! Contact us!