Insurance Law

We represent both policyholders (mainly businesses) and insurance companies (most of the Moroccan insurance market). For which we collect the overdue premiums both against intermediaries (agents and brokers) and against final policyholders. We represent defense insurance companies in the settlement of claims in all categories and act against responsible third parties within the framework of legal or contractual subrogation.

We also advise stakeholders in the insurance market within the framework of public insurance law, i.e. the relationship they maintain with the ACAPS as supervisory authority, i.e. in terms of obtaining license or its modification, or in case of a license withdrawal …

Insurance law is a fascinating field that encompasses several types of insurance contracts, covering various risks that could be encountered by both individuals and companies. Insurance companies don’t offer these non-refundable guarantees, they have to “recoup their costs”, so they calculate the cost of each risk, that’s the premium. Insurance policies include a “wording” which is sometimes impermeable to the understanding of the lay insured; it would benefit (especially if it is a business, and the insured capital is important) to have it reviewed for legal purposes by our specialist lawyers. He would be surprised to find that sometimes the height of the deductible or the nature of the exclusions empties the warranty of its content.

Overall, a distinction is made between damage insurance and personal insurance. Among the first are car insurance, home insurance, business fire insurance as well as other liability insurance (decennial liability, professional liability, operating liability, etc.). Personal insurance covers life-death, illness, disability, etc.


The field of reinsurance is a very specific field, with its international market practices, its players, its operating rules and its specific means of settling disputes.

In Morocco, for the last decade, the reinsurance market has been liberalized, that is to say that any foreign reinsurer can integrate the Moroccan market and offer capacities to local cedants.

We have already advised major reinsurers, both national and international. We have developed a great understanding of issues related to reinsurance activity in general (approval procedure with the supervisory/Regulatory authority, drafting of reinsurance treaties, cover slips, settlement agreement, etc.) Consequently, We can assist any reinsurance operator regardless of its international rating, either in its project to set up a representative office, or in its project to expand its activities in Morocco and Africa.

We carry out preliminary and due diligence studies answering, on the one hand, questions from reinsurers and presenting a description of the current reinsurance market in Morocco and Africa and enlightening them, on the other hand, on the regulatory framework specific to Facultative reinsurance and special retrocession ; regulatory framework relating to the provision for the benefit of Moroccan cedants (Insurance companies) of a reinsurance capacity by foreign reinsurers, namely: the treaties and the rules of claims accepted in representation of technical provisions, as well as on the legal framework of the latest related regulatory developments mandatory guarantees that could be very lucrative for reinsurers: the Contractor’s all-risk insurance  and the Decennial Liability Insurance ; possibility of creating representative offices in order to benefit from several tax exemptions, and several incentive measures offered by the CFC status for example, from which certain reinsurance players such as IGI, AIG, Trust Re, Chedid Re, Lockton have benefited , etc.