Distribution law

Increased competition between the various players in the distribution world means that they have to capitalize their distribution networks. The laws and regulations to be observed for the creation, launching and daily management of these networks are increasingly complex, not only at the national level but at a transnational level.
How, in these conditions, to guarantee the viability and the economic profitability of a distribution network and to assure it all the chances of gain and avoid any legal risk ?
Laamrani Law Firm provides solutions to the problems you face in terms of competition law and distribution law. This support is presented as follows:

  • During the establishment of a distribution network, we provide the legal advice essential for the disclosure and exchange of pre-contractual information and during negotiations;
  • Assistance and advice in the event of breakdown of the talks during the pre-contractual phase;
  • Assessment of the compliance of the distribution network with the rules of competition law;
  • Legal advice when designing the network: setting up networks and franchise contracts, exclusive or selective distribution contracts, organization of group purchasing, central purchasing, etc.
  • Drafting of all legal acts underlying the distribution operations;
  • Elaboration of contractual supports between the actors of the network: obligations of the parties (loyalty, efficiency, pecuniary obligations, exclusivity, non-competition, etc.), negotiations and riders for renewals, assignments of contracts, etc;
  • Legal advice relating to the use of trademarks and other industrial property rights and disputes relating to counterfeiting, unfair competition and parasitism;
  • Connectivity across payments networks
  • Instant, on-demand settlement
  • Real-time tractability of funds
  • Low operational and liquidity costs