Insolvency & restructuring

Laamrani Law Firm intervenes by ensuring:

  • Detection of the first alerts and assistance with self-diagnosis;
  • The definition of vigilance points;
  • The drafting of scenarios likely to trigger a crisis;
  • Steering and monitoring the alert procedures;
  • Performing a crisis management audit;
  • Assistance, representation and proposal of restructuring solutions for companies in difficulty;
  • The transfer or amicable liquidation of the company in difficulty;
  • The proposed solution to the takeover of a company in difficulty;
  • Negotiating with creditors (suspension or restructuring of debt, rescheduling and moratoriums, etc.), preparation of refinancing memoranda of understanding;
  • Conducting negotiations with social partners and setting up social plans;
  • Technical legal assistance by offering companies in difficulty innovative legal and financial arrangements such as the LBO;
  • Assistance and representation before the Courts and other procedural bodies