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107, rue Al Bakri, ex Dumont D’Urville, 57-R. Casablanca Maroc

Word of the founder

The Laamrani Law Firm is the result of a dream and a passion. The dream of serving others through knowledge and know-how acquired throughout a lifetime, throughout long and laborious years of learning both academic and professional legal skills, in different sectors and diverse socio-professional environments. The passion that has always inhabited me relentlessly, the passion to defend.

However, like any great timeless edifice, it requires a lot of commitment and enormous dedication; it has required tireless efforts and innumerable sacrifices to take shape. Like the mason, who carved the raw stone, patient and wise, I shaped it stone by stone. Equipped with the only mallet of the will and the only chisel of determination.

In 1998, I obtained both my Bachelor in private law in French and my Bar admission, called the Certificate of Aptitude for the Profession of Lawyer (CAPA), however I refused to yield to the facility and I did not begin to practice right away, I integrated the largest insurance companies and banks by sharpening my skills as a litigation lawyer. On the way, I obtained a first DESS in insurance law and flew to Montreal where I obtained a second DESS in business law and a certificate in English and worked for the most prestigious banks and financial services firms in Canada. Upon returning to Morocco I continued to provide my legal services for large the best holdings in terms of profitability and positioning. This phase helped me understand the internal constraints of companies and speak the same language as they did.

I soon became a lawyer as external counsel and begin my practice as the founder of Laamrani Law Firm. The office is located at 107, Rue Al Bakri (formerly Dumont D’Urville) in the district known as la Fayette, where once resided Mainly European and Moroccan Jews.

This creation has filled the gap or the lack of assistance and support needed by companies, regardless of their size, nationality and objectives. The most important asset of our Law Firm, it should not be hidden, was the perfect mastery of English, particularly legal English and business English, which did not failed to attract rapidly the attention of large multinational European, American and Canadian organizations shortly after the opening of the office.

Then we were able to advise major international organizations and donors such as the World Bank, USAID, as well as some leading foreign governments such as the US government, to deal with major issues related to industrial property, trademark law and international litigation, etc.

The day-to-day activities of our Law Firm were expanded, with two assistants: an assistant and a courier. We quickly moved on to 6 lawyers dealing with litigation, debt collection and certain aspects of Moroccan law consulting. Aware of the importance of international connectivity, and of certain obvious limitations to the knowledge of all international legal systems (a lawyer cannot know everything), today Laamrani Law Firm has no less than 12 partnership agreements and cross-representation with world-class international law firms: in Canada, the United States of America, Mexico, Japan, China, the Middle East and Africa, we have sealed these partnerships to allow our international or domestic customers to have a comprehensive and one-stop shop seasoned service.

The days of telex or traditional mailing are gone, today is the era of online and direct legal services, the Internet and modern means of communication, social and professional networks. We have made this choice from the start: digitization and e-legal will be self-evident; we will keep a regular on-line follow-up of the litigation files of the customers who request it and constantly promote e-mail communications.

We do not feel we are the best law firm in Morocco, no! We do not have that pretention. We are suspicious of the rankings of the best law firms and the M & A Law Firms awards. Because we believe that the truth about legal services is elsewhere! The law service, even when it  is more provided to companies, is and remains a different advice, the Lawyer, his(her) distinction, he(she) will draw it from personalized service, close care, proximity and empathy that he(she) testifies to his(her) clients.

Abdelatif Laamrani, PhD